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An innovative cleaning technique by KÄRCHER which guarantees spotless cleaning results through strong water pressure and a high temperature.
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For every product
the right cleaning process
Whether it comes to food, chemical tanks or Silos, we meet every  strict hygienic, legitimate and environmentally friendly requirements while cleaning your vehicle fleet.
Fast, efficient &
environmentally friendly
State-of-the-art cleaning technology from Kärcher ensures a high capacity of water, temperature and pressure, so there is hardly any waiting time.
flexible, reliable, high-capacity
Our modern cleaning system ensures the shine in your fleet
Bay Clean | The Better Choice


Besides the different cleaning rails for food and chemicals we offer two washing stations for trucks, van Trucks and caravans.

KÄRCHERS’s latest cleaning engineering guarantees a fast and environmentally friendly cleaning of all container’s internals for a fair price.


Tank Cleaning

For food & chemistry

• Silotruck
• Silocontainer
• Tank vehicels
• Tank container
• IBC containers
• High-pressure cleaning by hand
• Boxtrucks
• Cooling Truck
• Other containers

Commercial & private

Roofed Truck
Cleaning Device

• Trucks
• Busses
• Construction vehicles
• Sprinters
• Camper Vans
• Caravans
• Agriculture vehicels
• Emergency vehicles

Fast & Safe

Professional Maintenance &

• Tractor units
• Tank trailers
• Silo trailers
• Chassis
• Container

Always up to date


The better choice

Certified Quality & Services

Bay Clean | The better choice

Let your fleet shine

Cleaning technology for food- and chemical products
We offer an individuell cleaning process for every product. Five cleaning heads guarantee a fast and efficient cleansing. All containers and large volumed chambers are additionally cleaned by a power cleaning head.

The following vehicles can be cleaned within the indoor cleaning track by steam heating. Afterwards the vehicle will be dried by the integrated drying plant:

• Tank trucks
• Silo trailers
• Tank container
• IBC container

We promise a safe handling of diverse residual materials and a fast drying process through filtered air.
Cleaning Certificate

As a member of the "Deutscher Verband für Tankinnenreinigung e. V. (DVTI)" you get an ECD cleaning certificate after every  successful cleaning.

Procedure of the purity control:


• PH-Value
• Conductivity Measurement
Internal Tank Cleaning Done by Experts
Individual cleaning for every product.

All synthetic granules - PP,PE,PET

• Polyamide
• All kind of powders i.E. PVC
• Polymer Industry cleaning specification    (PIC)
• Liquid foods like chocolate, juice, etc.
• All foods in powder form
• All foods in granule form

• Acids & Alkalis
• Reins & Oils
• Dispersions

• Solvents
• Fuels
• Flour
• Hazardous Materials
Bay Clean - The better choice

Truckers Delight

Spend your break at
Enjoy your break with us, use our free parking lot,  take a lunch break at our launch providing free WIFI and a TV.

To help you recover from long drives we also offer a snack machine as well as hot and cold beverages.

Back on the Road - Refreshed & Safe
Want to refresh yourself before continuing your next yourney? Use our sanitary facilities such as showers and toilets at no extra costs.

Your vehicle also needs a check-up?

Our tire inflator will pump your tires and assure you a safe drive.
Take a time out
Remstal is of very beautiful nature where relaxation is easy to be found. If you are having an active day, the local outdoor swimmingpool and a nearby walking path is in walking distance.

The traditional old town of Waiblingen is also in close reach having many different shops available for a quick shopping tour.
high-capacity - environmentally friendly - flexible
Logistics at its Best
Reliable service

A wide range of services and innovative ideas

We are a family owned service company, specialising in logistics and haulage. Nowadays we  don’t just provide haulage services to our clients but also services and solutions on new integrated logistic concepts.

We consider all types of transport like rails, inland waters, short-sea and streets in the European traffic to find the most efficient solution for you.

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Although we are not located directly at the highway, you won’t lose time visiting us because of the good connection from the highway to the interstate road. Doesn’t matter if coming from north to south or going east to west - we are here for you!
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